Kirk received a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Texas.


Having worked in NYC for 17 years in the fields of magazine publishing and advertising. His career has focused on digital imaging technology: color, retouching, prepress and digital printing and quality control. He has held positions as a Color Manager at Conde Nast Publications and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising and Sr. Prepress Manager at ESPN Magazine/Disney. He now works as a full-time artist.



I think ‘Contemporary Impressionism’ best describes my work. My art is is a combination of image-making using traditional printmaking techniques with digital imaging technology. My primary media is images created with ink applied to brushed aluminum. The ink is thick, textural and opaque in some areas while transparent with a metallic sheen showing through in other areas. The image is created with a combination of hand-drawn lines and computer generated lines.


Scale and viewing distance are very important in the ‘reading’ of the images as they shift from abstract to realistic. Shapes and lines appear abstract at a close view. As the viewer moves away, the abstract details become identifiable referring back to the original source photograph. I try to balance between just enough detail for the viewer to identify the image and the minimum possible to keep the image ambiguous or abstract.


In a traditional photograph when all the detail is there for the viewer to see, the eye never really sees all of the detail. It skims it, gets the idea and moves on. I attempt to reduce the information (color and detail) down to a minimum to engage to viewer to notice the color and search the lines for more information.


My art is shown in New York City, LA, Taipei and Rio de Janeiro.


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